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Anthology 42: my translation of and reflections on fables from Jean de La Fontaine, short stories from award-winning Spanish writers, classic folklore from ancient China, and idioms from the Arab world and Cantonese-speaking communities.

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Nathan has a great future waiting for him because his attentive mind has the ability to understand the multi-cultural world of Globalism we are living in, and the awesome thing is that his book “Anthology” shows us how cultures deal with the same concepts, yet, they express themselves uniquely, each one with its own inventiveness. Something that is explained in a literary form.

Nathan’s book, in this sense, offers us not just fables and proverbs of each of the cultures and languages he discussed, but his anthology offers us a view that makes one have a desire to learn these languages and the cultural heritage behind them. I believe that this book is the beginning of a great author who might become one of the international and global writers of the future.

Sohel Bahjat

Published Author of multiple books (A Guide to Ancient History: For New Students,  Secularism In Eastern Eyes, The Criticism of the Muslim Mind, and Bible: Miraculous Or Scandalous)

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